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UI design mistakes for your eLearning

Having a bad user interface (UI) design for your eLearning can be the difference between keeping a learner engaged and them quitting in frustration. A bad UI can make it hard for the user to navigate, can make your courses confusing and can result in learners not understanding the content you are trying to teach.

Here are some UI mistakes you should avoid when developing your next eLearning course.

1. Lack of contrast

When taking eLearning we want to make sure content displayed is clear and stands out so that it’s easier for the learner to read and understand. By having a lack of contrast e.g a light coloured text on a light background can make it difficult to read, as a result it will be harder to draw the learners attention to certain areas and may result in them giving up altogether.

2. Unresponsive content

As technology has changed so have

the demands of learners, not only are learners taking training on a PC but also smartphones, tablets and laptops and increasingly while on the go. As a result of this it is now more important than ever to ensure your content is responsive and works on a variety of devices, by not doing this you run the risk of making your content look outdated very quickly and unusable in some cases.

3. Inconsistent Style

Consistency is a key part of designing an effective UI for your eLearning, by applying consistency to your UI (e.g colours, fonts, layouts) means that learners will be able to better navigate your eLearning and will help improve the overall look and feel of eLearning. Applying consistency can increase brand awareness for your content and reduce confusion when learners take your courses.

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