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The ABCDs of Clear Learning Objectives

The development of learning objectives is a very important part of developing your elearning. A good learning objective enables trainers to know what they will teach, learners to know what they will learn, and organizations to know what will be achieved with the elearning.

Learning objectives are statements that describe specific and measurable things that the learner is expected to be able to know, understand or do when they have completed an elearning course, which also indicates how this will be measured.

These are different from learning goals, which combine the content with the learning objectives to describe what the learner should be able to do with the knowledge they have acquired, and define the overall, general purpose of the training.

When writing your learning objectives, consider these things:

Audience: plan for who your learners are.

Behavior: describe what they will be able to do

Conditions and Degree: how will the learner’s performance be measured, in what conditions and to what degree.

‘Writing Learning Objectives’ About eLearning, Nov 10, 2010.

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