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What are Hot-spots in 360-Degree Training Videos?

As I’m sure by now many of you have seen 360-degree videos on the internet. Most likely, they are videos that you can explore by moving around them spherically and enjoy the scenery. Training videos are the same except for 1 key difference: multi-functional hot-spots that are strategically placed throughout the video.

What do they do?

As a learner tilts and pans throughout the training environment, hot-spots are strategically placed throughout in specific areas where training is required. The hot-spots are represented by icons and when the learner clicks on them, relevant information, videos or a learning activity is made available to them. As they move around the environment that they will actually be working in, they receive a fully immersive experience where they can learn about their specific roles.

Each section of an employee’s work environment is included in the video as they tour their workspace. When they see something they would like to learn more about, they click on the icon and the information is provided through text, videos, or learning activities. The videos are housed in an elearning module for tracking and reporting, and a knowledge assessment can be included at the end.

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