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Working with Advanced actions in Adobe Captivate

Despite being a clunkier system then Articulate Storyline for building elearning, one of Captivate’s advantages over Storyline is the ability to program multiple triggers into one script that you can execute with one click. This is with Execute Advanced Actions, which pulls up a script editor where you can enter as many actions as you need into this space. You can name your script in the Action Name box at the top left.

You can also have multiple scripts that can run sequentially with the Decisions tabs (labeled Untitled-1, Untitled-2 and Untitled-3 here).

A second feature of Execute Advanced Actions is the use of the Conditional Tab, which adds if/then/else functions to the actions you want to perform.

For example, here is an example of a script for a button in an elearning course with multiple sections. Every time the learner completes a section, they are returned to the main menu. But if they’ve already completed every other section, then they are taken to the Summary page.

First, create a variable for each section, here they’re named section1complete, section2complete, etc. Captivate doesn’t have True/False variables, so assign the starting value to 0. Then, in the first Decision tab, create an action to assign that section variable to 1.

Next, in the second Decision tab, make conditions that if all the section complete variables are at 1, jump to the Summary slide.

Finally, click on the ELSE bar at the bottom, so that if the conditions are not met, the user is returned to the Menu slide.

You will have to make a different copy of this script for as many different sections as you have, and change the variable on the first Decision tab to the one for that section.

But once you have written all these scripts, you only need to have the Next button at the end of each section execute each one of those scripts to have this menu and Summary routing work.

For more on programming for elearning, check out the rest of this blog or contact us today to see what our programmers can make happen for you!


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