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Why eLearning is so important now

As a result of COVID-19 we are seeing a huge push towards both a working from home and learning from home environment. As social distancing and other measure are put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 eLearning and digital training is more important than ever.

When compared to classroom training both in an educational and corporate environment, eLearning can have huge benefits in ensuring employees and students are continually learning and kept safe.

Below are some advantages of using eLearning to teach your learners.

1. Taken anywhere

It goes without saying that one of the main advantages of eLearning is that it can be taken anywhere. For learners to access eLearning all they need is a device to run the training on e.g. a laptop, smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. Doing this is very beneficial as learners do not need to meet in person at a specific location, instead learners will be able to take their devices home and take the course online. At this current point in time, being able to distribute a course to your learners from home can be a safe and effective way to teach learners about a new subject.

2. Time flexibility

In addition to learners being able to take a course at a location of their choosing they are also able to take it at a time of their choosing. When scheduling a classroom session it can be difficult to find a time that suits everyone, this is particularly true in a corporate environment where people will have varying schedules and meetings at different times. With eLearning it removes this issue as learners can take a course at a time that suits there schedule, for example you may have an employee that has very busy morning so wont have time to take training then or the reverse might be true and another employee might only have time for training in the evening. Regardless, eLearning provides the flexibility for learners to take training according to their own schedules.

3. Adding new learners

Another major benefit of using eLearning is the flexibility it has when it comes to adding new learners or expanding the number of learners taking a course. When using classroom training there are a number of physical limitations that limit the class size, for example there is a set number of seats in a classroom which can result in either too many or too few attendees depending on the popularity of the class. With eLearning you are able to add or remove as many learners to a course as needed, this can be done easily by adding or removing a learners in a Learning Management System. In situations where you are unsure of the amount of learners that will take a course this can be very useful. #advantagesofusingelarning #elearning #elearningvsclassroomtraining #importanceofelearning #customeLearningdevelopment #eLearningcustomdevelopmentsolutions #torontoelearningcompany #customelearningandtraining #elearningvendortoronto #customelearning #trainingcompanytoronto #torontoelearning #elearning #toronto #elearningcompany #elearningvendor #torontoelearningvendor


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