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What else can you use elearning for?

Over the years we’ve created a lot of elearning for a lot training. Most often, a company needs to teach their employees about their company, their policies, or their processes. Elearning is a powerful tool to help your learners acquire knowledge or skills to do their job effectively. But elearning can be used for other things. For instance, we have developed several elearning courses to help an organization transition through some major changes.

Here are a few kinds of elearning we developed that are a little different from the usual training.

1. Rebranding

Sometimes a company will refresh their brand, and one way you can inform your employees about the changes is through elearning! This is a great way to promote your company’s new look, vision or mission and to communicate the new brand standards. This is an easy way to make your new brand guidelines document more digestible and to condense the relevant information into the daily essentials that your employees will need to know.

2. Office reformatting

We have also developed a series of modules to ease employees through an office transition into a new type of workspace, and to help them navigate this new format, with its new rules.

3. Organizational strategy

Sometimes, elearning can be the best way to inform your employees of your company’s plans for the future. Whether it’s letting them know what your goals are or what changes might mean for them, its best to keep you people informed and set expectations.

So consider using elearning the next time your company has any other organization-wide information you need to disseminate to your people!

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