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What can I do to enhance my eLearning?

When developing eLearning and digital training there are a number of things you can do to enhance the overall experience your learners have. As technology evolves and more and more organisations adopt eLearning there is an increased need to ensure that learners have an enjoyable and informative experience when taking online courses.

Below are some things you should consider inorder to enhance your eLearning.

1. Have clear achievements

If a learner is taking eLearning chances are they are looking to expand their knowledge on a specific subject area. When creating digital training you want the learners to know more than when they first began the training. Providing learners with material that they can use to benefit themselves is something that is very important. When learners take eLearning most of the time they are looking to learn something new that they can use in their job or personal life. When creating your eLearning it is important to highlight what the learners have to gain from the course, if it is a technical skill or a soft skill it is important to let the learner know how they can benefit from it.

2. Make it interactive

Making your eLearning interactive is one of the most important things you need to consider when developing digital training. Interactivity is one of the key things to ensuring that learners remain engaged in your course. If a learner is not engaged in your course they will not be grasping the key learning concepts you are trying to teach them. When creating your eLearning try to use a variety of media and interactivity including audio, video, multiple choice questions, click and reveals and drag and drop activities. Regardless of what you choose you want to make the experience enjoyable, engaging and informative for learners.

3. Course Flow

When designing your eLearning how your course flows is very important in creating an engaging experience. The course flow sets the order that the learner will take the course and determines how they take it. When designing the course flow ensure that the learners knowledge builds up over time, you don’t want to be referencing something the learner has not yet learned, also try to keep the level of understanding the same, if the course is a beginners or intro course keep the topics in line with the learners level of knowledge. If course flow is done well learners will have an enjoyable experience they will be able to slowly build knowledge over time and have a better understanding of a subject compared to when they first started.


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