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Ways to engage your learners in eLearning

As large amounts of people are now working and learning from home being able to engage with your learners and add interactivity is more important than ever. As learners take more control of their learning than ever there are a number of things you can do to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

One way you can do this is to use Gamification principles, below are some of Gamification principles you can apply to your eLearning.

1. Badges

Applying badges to your eLearning course is a great way to reward and engage your learners. The concept of badges involves rewarding learners with something once they complete a section of eLearning or reach a milestone. The benefit of using badges is that it gives the learner a sense of achievement for completing something, instead of completing multiple courses without any feedback learners are able to get a reward for reaching a milestone. Badges are also a great way to help break up large amounts of content, if you have an eLearning course that is lengthy badges can be used to reward learners periodically, instead of learners taking the entire course they can take it in smaller bite sized chunks that are easier to digest.

2. Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important gamification principles you can apply to your eLearning course. In gaming failure and instant feedback is vital, the ability for players to try something, fail, learn and then progress is one of its fundamental components. This same principle can be applied to your eLearning to help keep learners engaged. By having questions, activities, and tasks the learner needs to complete and by providing instant feedback can help them work out what they understand and where the gaps in their knowledge is. You can do this by adding knowledge checks such as multiple choice, multiple selection or drag and drop activities and providing instant feedback to the learners.

3. Competitions

Another thing that can be applied to your eLearning is competitions. By implementing a leaderboard and scoring system linked to eLearning activities you can add healthy competition to your eLearning and digital training. This healthy competition can help to drive learning and get learners more engaged in your training. It is important to note that introducing this type of system can be sensitive as you don’t want to single people out. Having people enter as groups or anonymous entries in the competition can help to remove some of these issues while at the same time allowing you to engage learners on a large scale.


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