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Ways eLearning can benefit your organisation

eLearning is electronic learning that can be taken on a device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone over a network connection. Using eLearning can bring a number of benefits to your organisation including cost savings, time savings and increased convenience for your learners.

Below are some of the ways eLearning can benefit your organisation.

1. Mobility of where training is taken

One of the main benefits of utilising eLearning as part of your organisations learning and development strategy is that it allows your learners to take training regardless of where they are in the world. When performing classroom training learners need to travel to a specific location, which can be costly in terms of time and money. With eLearning however learners can take training wherever they are providing they have an electronic device and access to a reliable network connection. As a result, learners who may not be able to travel to a specific location will still be able to take your training.

2. You can reach more people

Another benefit of utilising eLearning as part of your organisations learning and development strategy is that you can reach a much wider audience of learners. When performing in person training there are a number of barriers that can prevent people from accessing your training. For example, learners may not have the time to travel to the classroom, they may not be able to afford the costs associated (e.g. accommodation and travel expenses) or they may have commitments that prevent them from going. With eLearning however, it solves all of these issues as learners are able to use their own devices to take training in a time and place that suits them.

3. Ability to scale

When performing in person training it may be difficult to expand the classroom session if the demand increases. For example, you may need to get a bigger venue to facilitate the in person training or you may need to hire more instructors. With eLearning however, it is much easier to scale, if you have more learners wanting to take your eLearning course you can simply add more users, keep in mind however if you do start to geta large influx of learners you may need to increase your server size to keep up with demand.


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