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Using the New Review Feature in Articulate Storyline 360 for eLearning Reviews

Here at Pathways we have been using the new review feature in Articulate Storyline 360 for eLearning reviews. This features allows you to review an eLearning module and to post comments about a screen. It is a great feature for both internal and external client reviews as it allows you to post real-time comments about the changes you would like and it also allows you to post comments or questions to other project team members.

The review pane feature (called Review 360) operates much like Facebook, you enter your email and then you can post your comments. Other reviewers can see your comments and can build on your thoughts and/or respond to your questions. In the past, unless you were all in the same location, eLearning reviews could be challenging as it was always difficult to determine exactly which screen a reviewer was making comments about (especially if multiple screens in an eLearning course addressed similar content).

While the Articulate Storyline Review 360 feature does solve some significant challenges around eLearning programming reviews with clients and key stakeholders, it is not without some challenges. There are some known glitches with this tool which are well documented on discussion boards. For example, at times when you go to an eLearning screen in a module while using the Review 360 feature, the audio won’t play right away and you have to refresh the screen. As long as you are aware of some of these issues with the review pane, we would strongly recommend using this tool for eLearning programming reviews. It is a significant technology advance as it increases the speed at which requested revisions can be identified and made.


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