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Using text in eLearning

When creating an eLearning course text is most likely one of the main things you will use to explain concepts to your learners. In eLearning most slides will contain some form of text, therefore it is important to keep some things in mind.

1. Walls of text

One thing that can quickly turn your eLearning course from interesting and engaging to static is overloading your learners with text. While it can be tempting to copy and paste large amounts of content into your course this can cause issues. If your learners are having to read page after page of text this can make them become disinterested in what you are teaching and can make them disengage from the course. When using text try to think about how you can break it up smaller blocks that are easier for the learner to digest, for example if you have a lot of text on one slide try breaking it up into multiple slides or use activities such as click and reveal to add some interactivity.

2. Font Style

Another thing to consider when using text in your eLearning course is to try and use the same fonts throughout. The reason for this is using too many different styles of font can start to make your course look unorganised and will reduce a sense of familiarity for the learner. If your organisation has a style guide, try to stick to using the fonts specified in this guide. Typically, these fonts will match the branding of your organisation, by using these fonts it will ensure your course stays clean, consistent and in line with your organisations look and feel.

3. Alternatives

Text will mostly be one of the main things you will use in your eLearning course, however, if you find yourself using large amounts of text throughout try to find alternative ways to explain concepts to your learners. For example, instead of using large amounts of text try to use multimedia for example using audio, video, or images, by doing this you can reduce the amount of text in your course and can explain concepts to your learners in a way that is interesting, engaging and informative.


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