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Using H5P to develop interactive video for Brightspace

Brightspace is great for putting in a lot of text and image content for your elearning, with features to divide it into modules, include student discussions and participation, assignments and grading. But to make the main bulk of your content properly interactive, additional platforms such as H5P will help in creating the kind of elearning interactions you normally see in dedicated elearning tools such as Articulate Storyline and Captivate.

However, H5P has a more than a few unique interaction features, such as an image slider, flash cards, memory game, a guess the answer game, and interactive video. They even have branching scenarios and a virtual 360 tour in beta!

The interactive video is a great way to have video content that you can add interactions on top of. This includes things as simple as labeling things in your video or adding images, to including clickable links and quizzing. Whenever one of the activities appear, you can pause the video to let the learner complete the activity before they can continue watching the video, or the video can continue running and the activity will time out at a point of your choosing.

Here are just some of the things you can add to video in H5P.

Statements – this is an interaction where you give your learner a series of statements, and they have to choose the correct one.

Single, multiple choice and true/false questions – the classic quiz interactions, you can have your learner choose the correct answer or all the correct answers to continue!

Drag and drop – another elearning favourite, dragging items to the correct drop points.

Fill in the blanks – have your learner complete parts of sentences to demonstrate what they have learned in the video.

Mark the words – similar to fill in the blanks, have your learner click on the correct words in a block of text.

Navigation hotspot and Crossroads – these interactions allow the user to jump to another point in the video, or make a decision that will jump them to different timecodes in the video.

With all these possible activities, H5P allows you to make the most of basic presentation video content to make your Brightspace courses even better!


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