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Using Gamification In eLearning

The concept of gamification is not new and has been around for some time. When discussing gamification it is important to note that gamification is not the same as a game. In eLearning, gamification involves using game mechanics typically found in games e.g. levels, stories and badges to increase learner engagement and improve the interactivity of your eLearning courses. Learning games however is a game that has elements of learning, it will operate the same way as a video game but might change some of the content or rewards to be relevant to a specific subject.

Below are some key benefits for using gamification for your next eLearning module.

1. Learner engagement

One of the main benefits to using Gamification in your eLearning is an increase in learner engagement. When creating eLearning it can be difficult to maintain the learners attention and keep them engaged. Applying gamification elements such as a stories or characters can help increase the interest a learner has in the content you are trying to teach. Using stories and characters increases the overall interest we have in something and helps to add context, using this in your eLearning can improve learners motivation and the overall enjoyment with the course.

2. Goal Setting

Another benefit of using gamification in your eLearning is that it can be an effective way to break up your course into smaller goals that the learner can complete. Rewards like levels and badges can not only help break up learning content into smaller chunks but also help motivate learners. When completing a level or receiving an award or badge it can increase interest for learners as they get a sense of achievement, when completing a level it acts as a milestone for the learner and allows them to keep track of what they have learnt so far.

3. Real World Applications

Gamification can also be used to simulate real world applications for learners. Instead of just telling the learners about a new system or concept they need to know, its possible to show them firsthand through creating a gamified eLearning course. For example if you need to teach the learners about a new computer system it is possible to create interactive screens that replicate what the system looks like which the learner can click on. Feedback will be given if they clicked on the correct or incorrect areas, in addition to this you can add levels or rewards to increase the learners engagement. The benefit of this is that learners are gaining experience of a system but in a simulated environment without any consequences if they click on the wrong thing.


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