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Using custom eLearning courses

eLearning or electronic learning has a large number of benefits when trying to teach your learners about a specific subject, when compared to other ways of teaching such as traditional classroom training, eLearning can be a cost-effective and efficient way to create and distribute training to your learners. When deciding on if you want to use a pre-built eLearning course or a custom one each has advantages and disadvantages and depending on your organisations size and its needs it may benefit more from having a customised eLearning course.

Below are some benefits of using custom eLearning courses for your next learning curriculum.

1. Control

One of the key benefits to using a custom eLearning solution over a pre-built one is the ability to determine how you want the course to look and feel. With a pre-built solution you may find that you save some money but the disadvantage to this is that you will most likely not have much control over how the course looks e.g the colour scheme used, fonts used or how it navigates. With a custom build solution you have greater control over what is developed, you can choose the types of font, colours and styles you want and you have greater say in how the course looks and what the learner will see.

2. Company Identity

Another main benefit of using a custom eLearning solution is that you can incorporate your own unique brand into the course. Each company has a different style and its reflected in their colour scheme, logos and websites. For example if you are a large financial corporation you may want the course to be clean, professional and mirror the look and feel of the company, whereas if you are a company specialises in art or design you may want more vibrant colours and have a style that stands out more. Regardless of your company, having a custom eLearning solution lets you apply your own style and provides a level of familiarity for your learners.

3. Learning Content

Learning content is something that will most likely change as you design and develop your eLearning course, areas that did not have as much learning content might expand and areas that previously had a lot of content may be reduced. It can be hard to tell up front exactly how much learning content you need and as a result of this it is important to have flexibility. Having a custom eLearning course helps with this, if the course needs to be changed or expanded on during development a developer will be able to do this. Using a pre-built solution however this may not be possible, you may not be able to fit everything on a single page or in a chapter and you may find that are a large number of restrictions preventing you from teaching your learners in the way you imagined.


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