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Using colours in eLearning.

When creating eLearning choosing the right colours is important to ensuring you have a clean User Interface and a visually pleasing experience for your learners.

Below are some things you should consider when deciding on which colours to use in your eLearning course.

1. Branding

When choosing which colours to use in your eLearning course one of the most important things is to think about is your organisations brand and how you can make your course align with this brand. If your organisation has a style guide this guide will most likely specify the specific shades of colour as either a HEX code or an RGB value. If possible, try to use these values when styling elements such as background colours and buttons in your course.

2. Consistent colours

When developing your course an important thing to keep in mind is that you are using consistent colours throughout your course. For example, if you have a Next button that lets the learner proceed try to make sure this button is consistently the same colour throughout your course. By doing this it will help to create familiarity for learners as they will be able to recognise certain on-screen elements based on its colour.

3. Too many colours

It can be tempting to use a variety of colours in your course, however, this does have drawbacks as having too many colours in your course can make your slides look confusing and cluttered. If possible, try to use around 2-3 colours for a single slide, this way you will be able to make the slides look interesting while at the same time providing a clean and modern feel.


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