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Using characters in Vyond to create interactive animations.

Vyond is a great tool you can use as part of your learning and development strategy to create interactive 2D animations. As Vyond is browser-based you will need to create your animations in the browser, download the video file and insert it into your eLearning course or use it as a stand alone video file.

A character in Vyond is an avatar that you can use in your animations, characters are the foundation of Vyond and it is what your learners will be focused on a majority of the time. To access characters click on the Character option in the toolbar menu which can be found in the top left of the screen.

When selecting Character you will have 3 character types to choose from, these are called “Business Friendly”, “Whiteboard Animation” or “Contemporary”.

Here is an example of how each type of character looks as a Chef.

Inside of each character type there is a variety of character options to choose from, for example you may want a character in Casual clothing or formal office clothing or in Sports attire.

When clicking into a style you can choose from a variety of different options, when we select one of them in this case a Baseball Player it will then put the Baseball Player character on screen. You can then animate the character using Actions and have them interact on screen.


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