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Using blended learning

eLearning and digital training is an effective and convenient way to teach your learners about a specific subject or topic. However, this does not mean this is the the only type of training you can use as part of your overall Learning and Development strategy. When combined with other forms of learning such as classroom training, learning games or social learning this forms blended learning approach which can be an effective way to teach your learners.

Below are some benefits that you can get from using blended learning.

1. Preparation

One benefit of using blended learning is that it can be used to prepare learners for an upcoming classroom training session. By taking an eLearning course before coming to the classroom session it can help learners get familiar with basic concepts before attending, this way everyone is on the same page and has the same basic knowledge before attending. For example prior to learners attending a classroom session learners can be given an eLearning course, this course can provide all of them with the baseline knowledge they need to understand the classroom session, once learners attend the classroom session the instructor can clarify anything the learners don’t understand and can focus on specific topics or areas.

2. Time Cost

Classroom sessions can be an effective way to teach learners about a new subject, however, it does have its drawbacks. For example, when using classroom training you need to find a room to host the training, prepare printed materials used in the class and find a time that all learners can attend. This may not seem like a big deal but when you have large groups of people this can become very difficult as different learners will have different schedules and needs. Using blended learning can help to reduce the time cost associated with classroom training, for example by doing part of the classroom session online it can reduce the overall class time, which makes it easier to schedule in learners calendars, in addition to this training materials can be shared online which helps to reduce the amount of time needed to print materials.

3. Reinforcement

Another benefit of using a blended learning approach is that it can help reinforce topics for learners. When a learner attends a classroom session if they don’t reinforce what they have learned there is a high chance they will lose that knowledge. By having a classroom training session then having the learners take a supplementary eLearning course afterwards it will help them review what they have learned and refresh any topics they may have forgotten about. The benefit of this is that eLearning allows learners to take digital training at a time and place that suits them, this means you don’t have to organise another time for learners to meet to reinforce what they have learned.


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