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Using Augmented Reality for Training

Augmented reality technology is a relatively new technology most used for niche interactive games. Although incredibly useful and fun to use for gaming purposes, augmented reality can be used for another purpose, training.

There are many ways to integrate augmented reality into a training module or integrate it into existing training methods. Once a target is locked on, elements such as information can be displayed, videos can play instructing users along a task or informing them on a subject, images can be displayed related to the topic and can be interactive, interactive objects can be displayed allowing learners to view an entire object, for example, a mechanic may use an augmented reality app that displays a 3D model of an engine for them to examine. Having interactive 3D objects is probably the most useful and interesting way to integrate augmented reality.

Augmented reality can also be used to enhance other training methods. Written instructions can feature images, and when those images are targeted a video can pop up explaining more in depth the current instruction, or an interactive object can be displayed allowing the learning to read instructions and interact with the object they are reading about. Augmented reality can also be incredibly useful in gamifying training. Making a fun interactive experience for learners will ensure that the learners retain more information.

Developing these apps can be a long, complicated, and tedious task, especially when programming for more than one platform. Deploying the apps is even more difficult as officially deploying apps requires payments. Although there are work arounds for “Official” deployment, deploying apps without a payed for license is complicated, and misses desired features for acquiring the app. Specifically allowing many people to easily download and install the app via IOS App Store or Google Play store (it is much easier to distribute without a license for Android). If you are able to work past the difficulties, or pay for a proper license, augmented reality is a great way to improve or enhance your training.

Pathways is experimenting with different ways to use AR in our office and here is an example of a recent application we created.


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