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Using a Learning Management System to host courses

When developing eLearning your developers will use something called an authoring tool to create your course, however you still need to upload your course to a Learning Management System so you’re your learners can access the course online.

Below are some of the benefits of using an LMS to host your course.

1. Provides Access

The main purpose of a Learning Management System is to host your eLearning courses so that your learners can access them over a network connection. Once you have developed your course it needs to be published out as a SCORM package, this package is then uploaded to the LMS. Once uploaded your learners will then be able to log into your LMS and launch the course from their browsers over a network connection.

2. Keeps Progression

One benefit of using an LMS is that it has some functionality called Bookmarking. When a learner takes your course, they may not complete it all in one go, they may do part of the course, pause and come back to it later. Bookmarking remembers where the learner was in the course, when the learner accesses the course again they will be asked if they want tot resume where they left off. Without Bookmarking learners would need to complete the course in one sitting which can be frustrating for learners who do not have much time.

3. Tracking

Another benefit of using a LMS is that it can track completion data for your learners. When a learner takes your course, it typically has a condition attached to mark it as complete, for example the learner may need to view a certain amount of slides or has to reach the final slide, when this condition is met the course lets the LMS know to mark the learner has having completed the course. You will then be able to download this data about the course in the LMS and can make decisions based off this data.


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