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Training in a time of social distancing

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many businesses that don’t have to interact directly with the public have been urged to allow their employees to work from home. For those companies who choose to help stop the spread of the disease, classroom training is no longer an option. Since everyone who is digitally commuting to work already, online learning is a natural fit for this situation.

Pathways is experienced in developing training both for classroom and online, so we have the necessary perspective to successfully translate one into the other for our clients who have previously wanted both. Now, we can help other clients make that transition for these times when everyone only connects online.

We also offer features for helping companies move into the age of social media, with possibilities for user-generated content, instant messaging and feedback between employees and managers, virtual spaces, and more!

So, for companies who are doing the socially responsible thing and keeping their people at home instead of sending them to training seminars, the learning doesn’t have to stop there. Talk to us today to see what we can do to convert your training into a format that anyone can access from where they are, and even options to make your online workspace almost as interactive as if everyone were still in the same office.


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