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Things to include in your eLearning course

When designing and developing eLearning and digital training you need to make sure you create a learning experience that is informative and engaging for your learners. Below are some things you should consider when developing your eLearning courses.

1. Provide regular feedback

As part of your eLearning course you may decide to use knowledge check questions. Knowledge check questions are questions that are asked periodically throughout a course, these questions test the learner on your content and gets learners thinking about what they have just learned. When using knowledge check questions, it is important that you provide meaningful feedback, for example if the learner gets a question wrong you should indicate what the correct answers were and if possible why these are the correct answers, by doing this it allows the learner to see what they got correct and what they got incorrect.

2. Works on a variety of devices

When creating eLearning and digital training you should keep in mind the variety of different devices that learners might be taking training on. Now more than ever learners are taking training on a variety of devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. When designing your training try to keep in mind how your content fits on different screen sizes, what might work on a laptop may not work on a smartphone. If you have a lot of text you need to think how the learner would view this on smaller devices, as it may result in them having to scroll for a long time which does not provide a good user experience.

3. Be easy to use

Another important thing to consider when developing eLearning is how intuitive your course is. Now that large amounts of people are learning and taking training from home it can be harder to get support if learners get stuck. In the past learners would be taking training in the office or at school and would most likely have someone they could ask for help if they have any issues. As a result, it is important that you make your courses as intuitive and easy to use as possible, by doing this it will ensure that your learners will encounter fewer issues and will have a better overall learning experience.


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