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Things to check when designing and developing eLearning

When designing and developing eLearning there are some important things you should keep in mind to ensure your course provides a good user experience for learners.

Below are some things to consider when developing your next eLearning course.

1. Course Flow

When developing your eLearning course one of the things you should keep in mind is that the course stays on topic and builds on knowledge from previous sections. When you think about your audience try to think about their current level of understanding and how the course will help build on what they already know. When introducing new subjects to a learner it is important to keep in mind what they have already learned and build on this. If your course is too advanced for your audience or if you introduce new topics without explaining key concepts in can result in your learners getting frustrated with your course.

2. Broken Elements

Another important thing to check is that all on screen elements in your course work as expected. For example, if you have a button make sure that when the button is clicked that it performs the expected action, similar if you have links to external content in your course check that the link still works as links can be easily broken if a character is missing, this will result in the learner not being able to access the content you are trying to provide.

3. Confusing Layout

When developing the slides for your course try to make sure that your layout is intuitive and clean as possible. As your course will most likely be used by a wide variety of learners with varying technical capabilities try to make sure your course is as easy to use as possible. Some ways you can do this is by having clear and consistent navigation and making it easy for the learner to work out what they need to do to proceed.


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