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Things to check when deploying eLearning

When developing eLearning bugs and errors and occur, being able to spot and fix some of these things will help ensure your course provides a positive experience for learners. Below are some things you should check when developing and deploying your eLearning course.

1. Synchronized Text

When creating eLearning one way you can add interactivity is to have text appear on screen at certain times while audio narration is playing. Typically, this is done by adding an animation (e.g., Fade In, Fly In etc.) to either a block of text or individual sentences, and then timing it so it appears as the audio narration says it. When deploying your course try to check that the text appears on screen at the correct time and is in sync with the audio, it can be easy to have text appear to late or too early on screen which will result in a disconnect with what the learner is seeing and hearing.

2. External Links

In your course you may also link out to external resources that are outside of your course. The benefit of doing this is that you can provide the learners with supplemental learning resources that will help to reinforce what you are trying to teach without making your course too long. When adding hyperlinks, they can sometimes be very long, when copying the link make sure all the characters in the link are copied as missing a character can result in the link breaking. When deploying your course try to click on all the hyperlinks to see that they work correctly.

3. Latest Version

By the time it comes to deploying your course you will most likely have multiple versions of the course as it has changed and been updated over time. When publishing out the final course to be uploaded to the Learning Management System try to make sure that the version of the course you are using is the final version. One way you can check this is by finding an update you have done very recently, if you see the completed update in the course chances are you are using the right version.


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