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Things to avoid when creating eLearning.

When developing eLearning and digital training it is important to remember that it is not only about the content of the course. Its true that content is a very important part of the eLearning and that learners taking the course need the correct material, however it is also important to ensure your learners have an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Below are some things you can do to prevent your eLearning becoming static and not enjoyable.

1. Text Overload

Text overload is one way to make your eLearning become static very quickly and its easier to do then you think. When writing content for your course it can be very tempting to take what you have written and paste it into your course. The issue with this however is that it can result in learners reading long pages of text and becoming disengaged with the content. Not to say that you shouldn’t use text, after all text is one of the quickest and most effective ways to teach learners about a concept. When deciding on the text for your course try to make it as easy to digest as possible, this can be done by splitting it up into smaller parts that makes it easier for learners to absorb or using it in activities such as a click and reveal.

2. Going off topic

Another thing to consider when creating content for your eLearning and digital training is that you stay on topic. When taking an eLearning course its likely learners will be learning about a specific area and the course will have specific goals. Because of this it is important that you try to remain on topic as much as possible, by giving learners too much information or talking about subjects that are not directly related to what they are learning can result in the leaners becoming disengaged and not interested in continuing. It is important in the design phase you work with an instructional designer to ensure you stay on topic.

3. Confusing Design

When delivering an eLearning course it will most likely be taken by a wide variety of people with varying skills in using technology. It is important to note that technology is not intuitive for everyone, one person might find taking an eLearning course intuitive, whereas others will struggle and need more guidance. When designing your course its always best to try and make it as intuitive as possible, if learners have to search and spend time trying to figure out what to click next it can result in confusion and learners giving up in frustration.


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