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The challenge of innovating for elearning in Canada

When we look at RFPs for projects, we often see people asking for exciting and innovative elearning solutions for their training. But the moment we start the project, it seems they revert back to the standard user-driven powerpoint presentations that people have started to expect from elearning.

The more elearning we create, the more we see features that go unused, possibilities for creating truly engaging learning experiences that our clients reject. Branching scenarios, thought provoking learner tests, mobile learning, microlearning, personalization, gamification, 360° video – these are all things we offer. Our LMS potential for social learning, learner integration and engagement goes underutilized. Even sometimes the simplest things to freshen up their elearning experience to make it look newer and less dated, like video backgrounds and 3d animated graphics that are readily available at stock sites such as Pexels and PresenterMedia, are too much for some clients.

Our clients say “that looks cool!” and choose linear, locked navigation, click and reveals, and copypasting their training manuals.

This mindset is at odds with how fast technology has advanced and integrated itself into our everyday lives. We can access information and exchange data faster than ever before, but the training departments we work with are still entrenched in the traditional ways of communicating things to their learners. Our clients need to understand that what we offer is advanced teaching methods to help them move into the realm of modern education, and live up to their own promise of being at the forefront of learning innovation that they ask for.

There are so many ways to approach elearning today – you should see what Pathways can do for yours by contacting us at!


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