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Say Good Bye to Flash

You may be wondering why your old eLearning courses stopped working recently (around January 1st) and maybe are freaking because you need to keep rolling it out.

One possible diagnosis to this issue might be that your courses were developed using Adobe Flash (although not necessarily developed directly in Flash, they might have been developed in Storyline or Captivate and then published to Flash) and some time ago, the major internet browsers announced that they would stop supporting Flash altogether as of January 1st, 2021.

“Flash officially moved out of support on December 31 2020, some three years after Adobe and major browser makers announced the plan to kill off Flash and began urging content developers to move to HTML5 and other technologies.” – From

So, what to do if this is happening to you?

  • In an ideal world, and if the courses weren’t developed directly in Flash, for example using an authoring tool, and if you have in your possession the source files, you may have the option to republish the courses to HTML5, which will save you from the option below.

  • If you don’t have in your possession the source files, or if the courses were developed directly in Flash, you may be looking at the option of recreating these courses using a different technology, either by using HTML5 or an authoring tool like Storyline or Captivate. This option is more costly though, because new resources need to be sourced and new development must be done.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround to keep Flash working on your computers but to move to HTML5.


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