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Pathways Training and eLearning Appreciation Event 2020 – A Special Thank You to Our Fantastic Clie

Here at Pathways Training and eLearning, we are constantly having fun with our many different projects and trying to come up with creative solutions to our clients’ eLearning and training needs; but once in a while, we like to take this fun outside our office boundaries, and this time we took it to the Air Canada Centre.

Yesterday night, Pathways Training and eLearning hosted a client appreciation event at a box for the Leafs game. It was wonderful chance to see so many of our loyal clients in person, and to catch up in a non-business setting (and it sure didn’t hurt that there was a Leafs overtime win as well).

Many of our clients commented on how impressed they were with the brands we work with and what a wide range of clients we have, from so many different industries.

At Pathways Training and eLearning, we feel truly blessed to work with such a great group of customers over the last 14 years. We’re proud of the clients we work with, and thanks to all of you who were able to join us for a Leafs win last night!


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