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Pathways at the CLO Conference

Pathways Training and eLearning Inc. attended the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Conference last week, at the Ritz-Carleton in Toronto.   Here are a few of the key points and thoughts that came out of the conference, as shared by learning leaders from across Canada:

  • Survivor guilt after reorganizations is a real thing, for the people left behind. Many people after a few weeks of being laid off, are excited as they see the severance package as a way to reinvent themselves, as they often knew they were in the wrong role before the lay-off.

  • “Learning never exhausts the mind.” Leonardo da Vinci

  • Growth mindset is the new buzz term in learning. It means people potential is nurtured and not acquired.  People can learn but they must be willing to try and fail, and to learn from the experience.

  • 70% of what is learned from training is lost in one week.

  • $300 billion is spent on training worldwide every year.

  • $32 billion is spent on eLearning worldwide every year.

  • Canadian corporations are less likely to meet with vendors, to learn about new training technologies and trends.  U.S companies are more willing to meet with vendors, as they known the importance of training on implementing new technologies and ideas, to ensure productivity gains.

  • For IT departments, agile methods dictate that you usually do a sprint-deploy-test-revise-sprint again method.  This is of course very different than a tradition ADDIE (Analyze-Design-Develop-Implement-Evaluate) training approach.  Training teams must flex with the times, however most eLearning clients (whether internal or external) expect eLearning to look perfect on the first review.  This requires a change in thinking from all stakeholders involved in learning.


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