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Measuring the Success of your Training

Implementing a new training program in your company can be a long, and stressful task, but it doesn’t end there. Implementing the module is only the beginning, once your employees have completed your training, its time to check if your training is yielding the results that you set out for. Three of the most common goals for implementing training are improving retention, reducing cost, and changing behavior. Here is why you should measure each of these, and how to measure each one.

Having a high turnover rate is detrimental to any company. It is important for your company to have a low turnover rate as replacing and training new employees often can costs a company lots of time and money. Retention is a very important factor to measure when determining the success of your training. Acquiring the data shouldn’t be too difficult especially if you have an HR department. Your HR department should have record of new employees and employees who have left during a certain period of time. If you don’t have an HR department you will just have to gather the data on your own your company should be keeping record of your employees so finding the correct data should not be too difficult. If you implemented training and you find that your employee retention is good, it could mean that your training is effective.

Reducing costs is something that companies are always looking to do, no matter the size. Measuring cost reduction can be somewhat tedious, if you want it done correctly yielding the correct data. Here is one way to measure your cost reduction in relation to training, set a goal on the amount of money you would like to see saved and build a training module with that goal in mind. As your employees complete the training keep an eye on your goal. If you find that you are able to cut costs on the areas decided your training may be working as desired, however if you find that either costs remain the same, or are increasing, you may need to record this area as an area that needs work.

Behavioral training can cover many different types of training goals and depending on the change you would like to see in your company, measuring the change can be quite difficult. Working with human resources to develop a system for feedback is a good way to track behavioral change. Depending on the type of change the feedback can vary, if the goal of the training is customer satisfaction it would beneficial to receive feedback from customers on your training. If you don’t have an HR department you will have to come up with and implement the feedback system yourself. It should not be too difficult but will require some extra work.

Measuring these three things will help you to see if your training is effective and can help shed some light on some areas that may need some work within your company. If you are interested in training visit our website and check out our services that we offer.


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