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Making math accessible to elearning

Currently, we are programming modules teaching math functions. Learning HTML coding for equations like

has been a fun learning experience! However, it is not nearly as fun for learners when they are given exercises asking them to simplify and to type in the correct answer. Doing so is easy enough on paper, or even a Word document, but the usual fill-in-the-blank activity isn’t usually robust enough to allow these kinds of notations, nor should a student be reasonably expected to know programming in order to answer the question!

Here’s a couple of solutions.

The simplest way to provide math activities would be with multiple choice questions. Given an equation, a correct answer, and a number of distractors already formatted, the learner can then focus on solving the problem and selecting the correct answer.

There is also the option of using fill-in-the-blank boxes with the notation around them. For instance, if you were to create a problem like this:

You might have the answer boxes formatted like this:

☐ / ☐

where the learner could enter the correct numbers in each box for the answer fraction. They would still have to solve the math on paper, and would eliminate the possibility of guessing the answer in the multiple choice options.

Of course, these may not be the only solutions to teaching maths in elearning, so please leave us a suggestion if you have more options for creating math activities for your learners!


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