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Interning for Pathways Training and eLearning

I have recently started an internship for Pathways Training and eLearning, a company specializing in eLearning and interactive learning modules, including Virtual Reality, Training and 360 Videos, Learning Management Systems, Gamification and Simulation, Infographics and Job Aids, and Change Management.

I was hired for the position of Product Programmer, which was very exciting as I was given an opportunity to gain experience working on creating applications outside of an academic setting. I was very excited to start working on projects for the company, but I was also very worried as I had never worked with the software “Articulate Storyline”, which is the software they most commonly use to create their eLearning modules, and I had also never worked on anything that could be even be remotely compared to an eLearning module.

Coming into my first day of work was equal parts exciting and stressful, I feared that I was going to be way underqualified for the position and would have a tough time learning what needed to be done for the company. All stress went away after speaking with the staff. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraged me to take time on my first day to learn the ins and outs of Storyline, no big project was given to me which was a big relief. After spending the whole work day watching different videos on the basics of Storyline, looking at a few examples of the eLearning modules the company has created for clients in the past, and replicating and creating a few eLearning modules myself, I felt a lot more comfortable about what I would be tasked with during my internship.

Everyone at Pathways is very friendly and pleasant to work with, and I am very excited to contribute to the company by helping to create eLearning modules for clients and I am excited to gain more experience with some of the software they use including Storyline.

If you would like to learn more about Pathways, or the different services they offer, click here visit their website.


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