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Importing PowerPoint Projects in Articulate Storyline 360

Many times, an outline for an eLearning module may be given to an eLearning development company as a PowerPoint file, or a pitch may be given to the company as a PowerPoint file which may act as a satisfactory outline for a Storyline project.

Converting a PowerPoint file to a storyline file may seem like it’s a lot of work or may seem like its not even be possible without copying and pasting every slides content and reformatting text and images. Although this may seem the case, Articulate Storyline 360 has implemented a system that makes converting different files, including PowerPoint files, to a Storyline project very simple.

The process is actually very simple and no time to complete. Here are the steps to import a PowerPoint file to Storyline project:

1. Under file select import and choose PowerPoint

2. Choose the PowerPoint file you would like to use in the file explorer popup menu and click open

3. Select all slides that you would like to be imported to your Storyline project and press import when done

4. Your PowerPoint slides should now be imported and will appear in a new scene with the slides ordered the same as in the PowerPoint project file

If you would like to learn more about Articulate Storyline or eLearning services, click here to visit our website.


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