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How you can support remote learners

As large numbers of people are now learning from home it is important that you can provide learners with a positive and engaging learner experience.

Below are some things you can do to ensure your learners have a good learning experience.

1. Make It Intuitive

When designing and developing your eLearning course try to make it as intuitive as possible. As you will most likely have learners from a variety of backgrounds try to make it so that regardless of a learners technical capability they are able to navigate your course effectively. Some ways you can do this is by ensuring consistency in your navigation and button placement. When adding navigation elements to your screen always try to ensure that you put the buttons in the same place for every slide, for example if you have a Next button try to ensure that it is always in the same place and is always the same size and style, this way learners will become familiar with how to navigate your course.

2. Provide Support

When hosting your eLearning courses online your learners may encounter technical issues, this can occur due to a variety of reasons, for example the learner may encounter issues with their network connection, or they may be using an outdated version of a web browser which can result in issues when taking the course. If possible, try to have a technical point of contact that can help learners troubleshoot issues on their computers. Remember that you might have learners who are not technically savvy so they may need additional support when it comes to taking your training online.

3. Course Structure

When developing your eLearning course try to think about the different types of devices that learners will take your training on. In the past learners would primarily take eLearning on their computers but now they could be taking it on a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. When designing the screens for your course try to keep in mind how it would look on a smartphone vs a monitor, what might work on one type of device wont necessarily work on another.


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