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How to use the new trigger system in Storyline 360 for eLearning courses

Storyline recently released an update that improved the trigger system workflow. Triggers are an important feature to program custom activities, timed actions, and many other things in your elearning. Previously, when you were working with lots of triggers on a slide, editing them could get difficult and time consuming. Here are some of the ways Articulate has streamlined the trigger functions to make them faster and more intuitive.


Triggers are grouped into object, slide, player and keyboard events. You can also click on a Group checkbox that groups any number of triggers that all execute on the same action. For instance, if clicking an object produces different results based on different conditions, they no longer have to appear as separate triggers for each instance. They will all be grouped under “When user clicks [object]”

Collapsing and expanding groups

Now that we have these groups, they can also be collapsed and expanded so your list of triggers will take up less space in the trigger panel.

Inline editing

Editing triggers is much faster now that you can click on any element of a trigger and it will open a dropdown to select the new trigger element. Previously, editing some parts of triggers required double clicking to open the trigger wizard to change.

Enabling and disabling triggers

You can now temporarily disable triggers one at a time for troubleshooting until the problem is resolved, or to try out different options, instead of deleting and reprogramming them.

Updated Trigger Wizard

The trigger wizard panel has also been updated, with a cleaner look that organizes trigger creation into 3 sections:

1. The Action

2. The Event

3. Conditions (if any)

Clicking on any of the parts in the box will give you a dropdown of options. The Conditions box has been especially improved, now that adding conditions no longer requires you to open a secondary window to create them.


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