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How to prevent your elearning project from being derailed

Over the years, we’ve had several projects where we’ve designed a module, built it, gone through several rounds of reviews between us and the client, and is waiting on final signoff.

But then the client needs to show it to their Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Or the legal department, or marketing, or do User Acceptance Testing (UAT), or any number of other groups on their end. Suddenly, the project is still ongoing and we’re redoing work, building all new content, recording new audio, and we’re not sure how many rounds of reviews have really happened.

In some cases, the project goes on for so long that our client contact has turned over and there is a new person on that end, or the entire training team has changed, or the business has updated its branding and policies!

Whenever starting a new project, one of the important things to establish right away is who has final say and veto power on the client’s end, and to get them on board. They are the one who needs to establish, among other things:

  • What the scope of the project is

  • What the client’s objectives for the elearning are

  • What the client’s metrics for success are

  • Define the review cycle and approval process

  • What it will take to get the elearning launched on time

These are the key decisions this person needs to make, ideally before the project starts. This will prevent issues further on down the line when you think your elearning is done, but this person who has final authority hasn’t seen it yet. This person is also the one you need to put their foot down when the client tries to make changes outside the scope of the project.

If your elearning or training project is going off track, or just for more on effective project management, contact us today!


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