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Elearning Simulations

Simulation training has been in use for decades to instruct people in all types of situations and industries; to let learners apply and practice their skills or knowledge in a way that allows the learner to assess their successes and/or mistakes in a guided setting that replicates a real-world experience.

You can see these principles applied in classroom situations where your learners roleplay various characters and scenarios for other learners to react to. You can do a similar thing with elearning!

This is a great way to develop the skills your learners need while also removing the risk and pressure of making errors in the field. This can include situations ranging from having difficult interactions with clients or employees, to emergency response, to working with dangerous or sensitive equipment and materials.

Having these situations presented in elearning form allows your learner to take as much time as they need to consider the best way to respond, but the elements of risk and pressure can also be simulated during evaluation by adding a time limit and negative feedback, to assess the learner’s competence in time sensitive situations.

This also allows you to create deeper, more engaging branched elearning where the consequences of a learners’ decisions can lead to different outcomes, each of which can also be a new simulated scenario.

For more on how simulation training can help you, or if you need help creating engaging scenarios for your learners, please contact us today!


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