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Elearning customization and branding

There are plenty of generic online training courses you can purchase to train anyone in just about anything, so what are the benefits of creating custom, branded elearning for your company?

No matter how comprehensive the topics that online elearning has made available are, they will be missing the nuances and specific details of how that particular topic applies to your company.

Generic elearning will be able to cover the broad strokes of employee learning you need, but the specifics of applying those principles to your business – especially where there are names involved, such as a branded process or a person to contact – will need to be provided separately. This is where custom elearning can include all these details provided by your SMEs and apply them to the more generic parts of your training, all in the same course.

When your learner takes a course, you also want them to recognize that the content is important to being an effective part of your organization. Having your elearning created with your branding shows your learner that the elearning was made with your company in mind.

Branding in the elearning may include:

  • setting the colour theme in the elearning to the approved brand colours

  • using the correct brand font

  • having your brand logo, used appropriately

  • using a selection of branded motifs or elements in the design

  • using brand-appropriate icons

  • using approved photos or video clips.

These things may be sourced from the marketing design team, and they may even already have a selection of appropriately branded templates or layouts you can use or base your look and feel on.

If you need help customizing your elearning for your company, contact us today to talk to our talented designers!


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