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Designing your elearning to be on brand

Branding is very important for a lot of companies, as it is the means with which a company distinguishes itself from its competitors and establishes itself as the ideal source of product or service its target audience needs.

Brand standards vary in comprehensiveness from client to client, but to some extent most of them have at the very least a branding document or identity guide outlining their logo usage, brand colours, a general sense of their aesthetic and the look they wish to reinforce their brand with. Clients with stronger brand identities may include detailed standards for branded motifs, brand-appropriate design layouts, branded music and so on. When designing elearning for a client with a strong brand identity, these standards must be considered.

This is why even when designing elearning and other materials for internal use, we strive to maintain brand standards for our clients, as it helps to maintain the company ideals and values for their employees. This in turn helps their employees convey these ideals and values to their audience and other outside interactions.

Maintaining brand standards in your elearning may include:

  • Making sure all the default colours and fonts in your documents or elearning are set to the approved brand colours

  • Having their logos in a selection of approved colours and sizes, and with the appropriate padding

  • Having a selection of brand motifs for graphics, if applicable

  • Having a set of brand-appropriate icons

  • Acquiring client-approved graphics, photos, or video clips. These are best when sourced from the client and not from stock sites, unless they match in style and tone.

The more you can align your elearning with your client’s brand identity, the better it can emphasize to your client’s learners what the brand is about in addition to the actual elearning content!


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