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COVID-19 and the impact on learning

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the way we work, learn and do things, as a result of the global pandemic we have had to adapt and change how we do things in our day to day lives. One of these areas impacted is education, with in person classrooms being difficult to organise, online training and eLearning can be one way to deliver training to your learners in a safe and effective way.

Below are some of the benefits that you can get by using eLearning as alternative to traditional classroom training.

1. Taken from home

One of the largest benefits to implementing eLearning right now is that it does not require physically meeting people to take. eLearning is developed using special authoring tools, once published it is then uploaded to a Learning Management System, once on a Learning Management System learners are able to access and take the courses online from anywhere using a device of their choice. The benefit of this is that learners can take an eLearning course from home and don’t have to risk travelling to a physical location. As a course creator this means you can still create and deliver learning material despite the current challenges we are facing.

2. Flexibility

Another major benefit of using eLearning as opposed to classroom based training is its flexibility. If you want to make a change or add to a classroom session this can be difficult as you have to edit the learning materials, update the instructor and potentially impact the flow of the classroom session. With eLearning this is not as much of an issue, if you need to add, change or remove a course you can easily do this by updating the course files on your Learning Management System. Once you do this learners will instantly be able to take the updated eLearning course. If you do this at a time when you have a limited number of learners online it can help minimise the impact to learners and help deliver a better overall learning experience.

3. Convenience

When conducting classroom training there are some limitations, such as location, room size and availability. Using eLearning and digital training overcomes a number of these barriers, for example as eLearning is hosted online you are not restricted to a certain class size, providing the infrastructure can handle it you can increase your class size greatly. In addition to this is also removes barriers for students who need to travel, as learners do not have to attend a physical location you can offer your training to a much wider audience. There is also a convenience for learners, as learners are taking training online they are able to take it at a time and place of their choosing on their own device.


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