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Common Design Mistakes in eLearning

Good elearning design is vital to ensure your learners have a good learning experience and understand the topics you are trying to teach them. If you have not spent enough time in the design phase this can have a major impact on your eLearning course, where your learners will struggle to stay motivated and learn effectively. Once the development process has begun you may spend more time going back and trying to recode the course rather than creating a well-designed course from the beginning.

When designing your course there are a number of very common potential mistakes you could make. Here are some of these mistakes you should avoid:

1. Too much text

Having too much text in your eLearning is a very easy mistake to make when designing your course. When creating the material for your course chances are your design document will start off as very text heavy. In the design phase you decide how you want to take this text and make it into an interactive eLearning course.

As a result it can be easy to take the text you have and just drop it into the slides for your course, however, this can be very static for the learners and is difficult to keep the learners attention. Breaking up text with audio, images or video is one way to reduce the amount of static text the learner needs to read and increases interactivity.

2. Confusing Navigation

When designing your eLearning it is important to keep the technical capabilities of your learners in mind. Are they computer savvy? Are they older and not as familiar with how technology works? Regardless of this, user friendliness and a clear and easy to use navigation is important when designing your eLearning course.

If your learners are having a hard time figuring how to proceed this can impact the learner experience negatively and result in frustration and the learner not being able to focus on the content. Always ensure when designing your eLearning that the navigation is clear and easy to use for your courses.

3. Grammar Mistakes

Having grammar mistakes seems like an obvious point but is important when designing your eLearning. If your course has grammar mistakes it can be hard to establish credibility for your content. The learner trusts that the eLearning course will give them the knowledge and expertise they need, so if words are spelt incorrectly it can reduce the faith the learner has in the course and makes the course seem less credible. Before publishing your courses to a live audience always ensure that simple grammar and spelling mistakes are correct prior to release.

If you have content you need to get to an audience, contact us today to discuss the best way to turn your information into an effective elearning course!


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