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Checks you should make when deploying eLearning courses

When developing and deploying eLearning there are a number of things you should check to ensure your course provides a positive and frustration free experience for learners.

1. Navigation Issues

When developing your course one of the main things you want to check is that there are no navigation issues in your course. A navigation issue is anything that prevents the learner from progressing in the course. For example, this could be a button on a page not working, the menu not working or the Next/Previous buttons not working. These types of issues must be fixed before learners take the course, as it can result in them getting frustrated as they are not able to easily proceed or getting completely stuck and not being able to complete the course.

2. External Links

Another important thing to check is that all external links to outside resources work. External resources are resources that you link out to from your eLearning course, typically these resources have supplemental learning that helps the learner to learn more about a subject or reinforce what they have learned. External links are a good way to expand on your learning content without having to dramatically increase the size of the course. However, when adding external links it is important that you check each link to make sure it works correctly, when adding links you might find a character is missing or the resource has been removed which can result in the link breaking.

3. Course Upload

When developing your eLearning course, it will most likely go through several different versions as you go through the review process. When deploying your eLearning course to an LMS make sure that the latest version has been uploaded, when you have several versions of the same course there is the possibility that an older version can get uploaded. When checking you course look for an update that was made in the latest version of the course, if you can see this update chances are the correct version has been uploaded.


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