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Advanced Quiz feedback in Captivate

Captivate comes with several built In quiz slide templates which include automatic Correct and Incorrect feedback boxes when the learner submits their answer, but best practices say you need more than just “Correct!” and “Incorrect!” on your screen. Ideally, you should also show what the correct answers are to reiterate and reinforce your content in knowledge checks.

In this drag and drop activity we built, the drop spot is hidden in the final project, but has the correct answer typed into it to let the programmer know which drop spot is correct. This is useful in that with Advanced Actions, it is possible to write a script with triggers to show all the drop spots and hide all the drop objects once the answer is submitted.

Then, execute this script on Failure for this interaction to show the correct answers only if the learner gets this knowledge check wrong, or both Success and Failure to show the answers regardless of the learner's success.

For more quick tips on using Captivate or Storyline, check out the rest of this blog! If you need help with more advanced programming for your elearning, contact us today to see what our programmers can do for you!


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