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5 Reasons to Convert to eLearning for your Training Purposes

eLearning is an emerging market that has gained popularity in recent years. Many companies and educators are starting to use eLearning modules for training and education purposes, as opposed to in conventional in class learning environment. eLearning offers many advantages that a conventional classroom environment cannot offer, which may explain why so many companies are switching to this form of teaching for their training or educating purposes.

Some of the advantages that eLearning can offer are:

1. Lower Cost

eLearning modules are often much more cost effective compared to conventional classroom learning. An eLearning module does not require an instructor to be deliver the module content. All that the module requires is that the learner has access to the module itself, from there the user can view the module as many times as they wish.

2. Convenience

An eLearning module can be viewed by the learner as many times as they would like, without the need of third-party interaction, whereas a conventional classroom requires an instructor to deliver the material. Classrooms also require that learners be present at a specified location at the time of instruction. With eLearning modules, the learner can complete courses on their own, at almost any location, and at any time that they would like to complete the module.

3. Use of LMS (Learning Management System)

eLearning modules utilise an LMS to track the progress of learners. Often an eLearning module will include quizzes or tests for the learner to complete for evaluation. An LMS allows all the progress of the learners to be automatically tracked. An admin can view the progress of users at any time. In a classroom environment, instructors need to manually grade content and manually enter the data into some sort of system for tracking.

4. Consistency

eLearning modules do not vary in delivery, every time the module is viewed the learners experience the same content and delivery. In a classroom setting there may be different instructors delivering the same content, or the way the content is delivered may vary (i.e. Videos, PowerPoints, worksheets). This means that learners may not experience consistency in the content they are being subject to.

5. Time

eLearning modules do not usually take very long to complete and are very efficient in delivering content. Often users can navigate the module at their own discretion. There is no reliance on an instructor to deliver content, which can take lots of time to do, especially with the increased interaction of a classroom.

If you are interested in purchasing an eLearning module or would like to learn more about eLearning, click here to visit our website.


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