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What is eLearning?

eLearning is a form of learning that uses technology to deliver digital courses that learners can take online using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Unlike traditional classroom learning which requires a physical presence, eLearning can be taken from almost anywhere that has an internet connection (or taken offline if downloaded).

The main advantage to this is that it removes the barriers that prevent some people from accessing education and delivers training in a scalable and convenient way.

Below are some advantages to using eLearning and how it can help your organisation achieve its learning objectives.

1. Consistent Learning

Delivering consistent training is another major advantage for eLearning, once a course has been designed, developed and hosted on an LMS, this course will be exactly the same for each learner, each learner will receive exactly the same experience and learn about the exact same topics. The benefit of this is that each learner will receive the same set of knowledge. When compared to traditional learning you might have trainers that teach in different ways, they may have different levels of understanding or go over topics in different levels of detail. By using eLearning it ensures a more consistent delivery of training for your learners.

2. Highly Scalable

One of the biggest advantages of using eLearning is the ability to scale, by hosting your course on an LMS (Learning Management System) it is possible to make your training accessible to large numbers of learners at the same time, as all they need to access it is a device and an internet connection. When compared to classroom training you have many restrictions such as physical classroom size, instructor availability, learner availability and ability to travel to the classroom, with eLearning a lot of these barriers are removed which means you can increase the amount of learners that take your courses.

3. Flexible

Flexibility is a huge benefit to using eLearning, in todays working environment it can be hard to get employees all together at the same time, between meetings and project deadlines this can be a challenge. Using eLearning helps to increase flexibility for when your learners can take training, as the digital course is available 24/7 learners can take a course at a time that suits them on a device of their choosing. This means learners can pick a time that suits them and place greater focus on what they are learning rather than thinking about the upcoming meeting or tasks they have to perform.

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