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UI Design for eLearning

When a user interacts with a device, this could be a PC, tablet, games console or smartphone they interact with that devices UI or User Interface. The UI is a very important as it determines how friendly or useable your product is, having a well designed and clean UI improves the user experience and keeps your users coming back. Apple is a great example of this having dev

eloped a clean, simple UI for their iPhones and Mac’s which allowed them to introduce their technology to a wide verity of people.

Having a well designed UI for your eLearning is also very important, after all learners will spend a long time taking your courses which means they need to be able to easily navigate and have an enjoyable experience.

Below are some important things you should consider when designing the next UI for your eLearning:

1. Intuitive Design

Designing your UI should be as intuitive as possible for your learner and shouldn’t be something that causes them issues. If the learner is spending a considerable amount of time guessing where they have to click next or how to get to the next page, it can distract them from the actual learning content which means they may not be learning they key concepts you are trying to teach them. Ensure your UI is intuitive enough that a variety of audiences can use it without issues.

2. Know the audience

Related to the point above, knowing your audience will massively help you in designing an intuitive user interface. There some questions to ask before you design your eLearning UI such as, is the training formal or more informal? Do the learners have a large amount of time or do they need the information quickly and concisely? Is the audience familiar with technology or not? Answering these types of questions will help determine the type of UI you need, how much emphasis you place on certain things e.g instructions and how long to make your courses.

3. Responsive

This is very important in modern day UI design and eLearning development, learners now want to take training while on-the-go more and more, it is important when designing your UI that it functions on a variety of devices. This may mean the location of elements such as the menu, buttons or images need to move but it is important it remains clean and intuitive regardless of the device. Having a responsive eLearning means you are able to future-proof your courses and gives your digital training a modern, up-to-date feel.

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