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The Top 5 Learning Trends in 2019

Here at Pathways Training and eLearning we have been spending a lot of time developing our strategy for 2019 and considering the learning trends and emerging technologies, that we think will be relevant to our clients in 2019.

Based on our research and internal discussions, here are what we think the top trends will be:

1. Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 video eLearning – Virtual reality allows learners to be immersed in the environment, in which they will apply the new skills. Research shows this is more likely to lead to a higher transfer learning by as much as 80-90% over traditional training methods. We will see more and more companies using this technology in the future, by virtue of the learning and business impact alone. (For more information on VR for learning, refer to Pathways blogs on this topic below).

2. Augmented Reality (AR) – Augmented reality involves new technology that projects digital objects onto a real-world surface. We think there will be a rise in augmented reality used for new hire orientation and for product training also. For example, for product training on a new car, imagine a sales associates using their mobile phone to scan a vehicle. As they go over specific parts of the vehicles, videos explaining the various features of the car will appear. Interactive learning elements can be added to AR, such as knowledge checks, which will ensure all elements of the learning transfer has occurred.

3. Whiteboard Animations - The technology to develop whiteboard animations (e.g. like Vyond) has made it increasingly easy for learning professional to create effective learning videos. We predict that organizations who want to create videos, without the cost of a full-video production, will continue to use this tool to create short videos. This point coincides with the fourth trend that we predict will continue in 2019 – microlearning.

4. Microlearning – People are time pressed and they want vignettes of learning information quickly (gone are the days of the 5 day classroom training session or the 1.5-2 hour eLearning module). Quick 2-3 minute videos such as whiteboard animations are increasingly becoming a common request. We predict the increasing demand for these types of fast learning methods in 2019!

5. eLearning - As much as eLearning has been around for years now, with the advent of more and more people working from home and the trend to use a geographically dispersed workplace, Pathways is predicting that eLearning is here to stay!

Recent research also supports this fact, and the eLearning market is anticipated to continue to grow, and generate revenue of $65.41 billion by 2023.

For more information on learning trends or to see some examples of our work, contact Pathways Training and eLearning at 1-888-961-6011 ext 121 or email us at

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