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Whether you’re working out of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver how your learners take digital training and eLearning in the workplace is going to change over the years.

As 2018 draws closer to an en

d it’s important that you are aware of the latest digital learning trends over the next year so that you can design your eLearning to be more impactful and provide a better experience for your learners.

Below are some of the upcoming/continuing digital learning trends to look out for in 2019:

1. Responsive Learning

eLearning is now being taken on a wide range of devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets, ensuring that your eLearning is responsive and can accommodate to these devices is likely going to be an increasing trend in 2019. eLearning development tools like Storyline have features built in that let you view and edit your content for a variety of devices, leveraging these features to creating responsive training is something that will most likely become more of a requirement from learners over time.

2. Personalised Learning

Personalisation may be something that will continue to grow over the next year, as technology becomes more personalised and interactive for the user it is important that your eLearning also provides some level of personalisation. Personalised feedback is one way to do this, by providing constructive and personalised feedback for learners it helps to increase learner engagement and helps learners to better understand the areas they need to develop in. This is something to consider when developing your future training.

3. e-Learning

eLearning is something that will most likely continue to be utilised in the workplace over the next few years. Not only is eLearning a cost-effective and highly accessible form of training it is also more accessible than ever as learners can now take training on a wide range of devices and while on the go. This being said, even though eLearning is a continuing trend it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments in the learning and development industry to deliver modern and engaging digital training for your learners.

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