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Benefits of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is something your organisation could greatly benefit from if done correct. As the use of mobile phones, laptops and portable devices increases this can be used to deliver digital learning in ways that were not previously possible. It is important when designing your next eLearning course to consider how it will function not only on laptops but also mobile and portable devices.

Below are some mobile learning trends to consider so that your organisation does not fall behind in its digital learning strategy.

1. Increased adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Being able to used your own device to the workplace (and increasingly in public restaurants, cafes and public transport which now offer some form of Wifi) means that learners now have the option take training almost anywhere, this is very beneficial as it can be used to encourage learners to take training while on the go and on their terms.

2. Maturing platforms

Smartphones have been around for just over 10 years now and during this time we have developed a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work on mobile devices. As a result of this there are now more materials and examples on how to build effective mobile learning which looks good and works effectively on smartphones and other portable devices.

3. Learning trends

Micro-learning is a new trend being used in the eLearning industry and consists of splitting up training into small bite sized segments that learners can take one at a time. Mobile learning fits in perfectly with this learning technique as digital training can be broken up into small segments which can then be accessed on phones, this is particularly useful if learners have short waiting periods they need to fill e.g waiting for a bus or sitting on a train.

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