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UI design trends for your eLearning

The user interface (UI) is one of the most important parts of your eLearning, it determines what is on-screen, how content is laid out and how your user will interact with your digital training.

There are a number of UI trends you can implement to improve the look and feel of your eLearning, below are some you should consider when designing your next course.

1. Overlapping Effect

Overlapping fonts, colors and images can be an effective way to make things stand out and give your interface a fresh and clean look. By overlapping these elements it can make your UI more eye catching and increases the amount of space on screen. For example you might have a background image that is slightly transparent, on top of this you can then overlay it with white text or buttons that the user can click.

2. Simplicity

Simplicity on a mobile device is key when taking eLearning, as the screens are much smaller compared to viewing training on a laptop or PC it can be far easier to clutter the screen and confuse the learner. Using solid colors, limited text and simple images will help to reduce the complexity of your pages, reduce the amount of info on screen and make it easier for the learner to consume content.

3. Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors is a good way to grab the learners attention and highlight things they need to read or do. One of the most popular uses of contrasting colors today is white text on a solid colored background, this is most commonly used for titles or buttons but can be used for anything you want to draw your learners to.

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