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Future eLearning Technologies

Over the next decade eLearning technology will change rapidly, from virtual reality to on-the-go mobile learning the way learners take and consume digital training will change.

Here are some examples of current and future technologies that may impact how you design and develop eLearning in the future.

1. MOOCs

Massive Open Online Courses are courses that are taken online, have set schedules and are often adaptations of traditional university courses. Similarly to how you would take a course in person, learners are taught a subject through online resources, they are then given an assignment and a deadline to complete it by. Over the past few years nano degrees and this type of learning have become increasingly popular.

2.Big Data and Analytics

Understanding the effectiveness of your training and if your learners are happy with what they receiving is vital for most Learning & Development teams. Increasing the adoption of big data and analytics in your eLearning will help you gain deeper insights into how your learners are taking your eLearning, how much time they are spending and if what you are teaching is effective.

3. Tin Can API

Keeping with the theme of big data, Tin Can API is a technology you could adopt to obtain some of this data. Tin Can is known as a Learning Record State (similar to SCORM) that allows you to capture more data about the experience your learner is having and how they are interacting with your training. By then applying analytics you can then make more informed decisions regarding how to design and adjust your eLearning.

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